The First Methodist United Methodist Church of Osage City September 1870 the Rev. D. K. Hardin preached the first Methodist service of the First Episcopal Church in Osage City, Kansas, in a room on the second floor of a building located on Market Street. After this he held services once a month in a little frame school house that stood in the western part of Osage City on West Main Street. They paid him $40 a month for his pastoral work. (1) On October 19, 1870, Osage City’s first marriage was performed by a Methodist minister named Rev. Ketchum. The first bride and groom, incidentally, were Melinda Ard and Garrett Voorhis. (2) In March 4, 1871, I. K. Hunsicker, John Stokesbury, E. Mills, M. S. Brown and Dr. Mossman were elected trustees. (1) Rev. O. H. Call was appointed pastor of the Lyndon and Osage City charge in 1871. He was appointed to preach also at Richview, Melvern, Plymouth, and Bean Schoolhouse, all in the Emporia District. (1) The Osage City portion of salary was $150.00. (6) In March, 1872, O. H. Call was returned as pastor and meetings were conducted in the West School to January 1873 when they started to meet in the Presbyterian Church. The reason for the move was the demolition of the West Church by a cyclone. (1) Rev. William Friend appointed to serve in 1873 and Rev. I. Boyenton was the presiding Elder. Osage City was then changed to the Lawrence District. They had at this time 45 members. (1) Rev. W. A. Boucher appointed to serve in 1874. (6) Then in 1874 Mr. I. H. Hunsicker built for $600.00, a frame building where the present building now stands, and let the congregation use it. The services were held there for about a year and the sum of rent charged was $60 per year, and they could not pay all the rent. So the Methodist in turn sub-rented the building for a school and with that money paid the rent. (1) Rev. J. C. Kirkman appointed to serve in March 1875 and left in Sept 1875 when Rev. Holland was appointed and served until March 1876. (6) In 1876, the Presbyterians again let the Methodist people worship in their building. This same year the first Sunday School was organized with five officers and six teachers. Mrs. I. K. Hunsiker was the superintendent. Before this there was a Union Sunday School held for several faiths. (1) In 1876 the Rev. O. H. Call was appointed pastor and the Rev. W. R. Davis was presiding Elder. This year the church was transferred to the Topeka District. (1) Rev. L. C. Riggs appointed March 1878. (6) In 1878 the church bought a parsonage at 811 Ellinwood Street. (1) In 1880, being willed the lots on the northwest corner of Lord and Sixth Streets, a building of brick was erected and dedicated at a cost of $5,975.54. These lots were willed by I.K. Hunsicker. The building committee had been elected in 1878. They were: Dr. W. L. Scheck, S. L. Meyers, G. V. Jones, J. B. Day and added, August 6th, Robert J. Hill. (1) In 1881 Rev. S. G. Griffs was pastor. The First Methodist Episcopal Church in Osage City was dedicated in August 1880. A.G. Murray was pastor and Bishop Thomas Bowman preached the dedication sermon.(1) METHODIST CHURCH DEDICATION 11 JULY 1880: Last Sabbath was an interesting day, to our Methodist friends particularly, it being the occasion of the dedication of the new and elegant M.E. Church of which we will speak more fully hereafter. The large audience room was crowded at an early hour, and at 10:30 the services began. After the singing of the 860th hymn, Rev. W.W. Curtis lead in prayer, and Rev. Osborne, of Auburn, read Hebrew 10:9-19. The congregation, lead by the choir, joined in singing the 869th hymn, when Bishop Bowman of St. Louis, Mo., preached an eloquent sermon, taking for his text a part of the sixth verse of the second chapter of Haggai—“The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former.” An effort was next made to lift the debt resting over them, amounting to $1,700. Failing to raise the needed amount, the dedication was postponed till evening. At the evening service the Bishop announced that before he could proceed to deliver his lecture the debt must be provided for, and greatly to the delight of all, the amount was subscribed. The Bishop then delivered a very able and interesting lecture on his travels through India, following which the dedication took place. Bishop Bowman is not only a very able speaker but had a pleasing way of presenting his remarks. The choir furnished good music for the occasion; and under the management of the Pastor, Rev. Murray, the arrangements were complete. Certainly the Methodists have reason to rejoice. (7) Rev. A.G. Griffis was appointed in 1881.(6) An 1881 article, in a rather restrained style of rhetoric for that time described a visitor’s reaction to a Sunday service. From the Kansas Methodist of October 13, 1881, we read: “IN THE EVENING, AGAIN I FOUND A DENSELY PACKED HOUSE, THERE BEING, I WOULD GUESS, NEAR FIVE HUNDRED PRESENT. THE CHOIR OF THIS CHURCH IS WORTHY OF SPECIAL NOTICE. IT CONSISTED OF SOME TWELVE OR FOURTEEN SINGERS. THERE WAS GENTILITY, INTELLIGENCE, SOLIDITY AND SERIOUSNESS IN IT SELDOM FOUND IN A CHOIR. THEIR SINGING WAS JUST WHAT MIGHT BE EXPECTED FROM SUCH AN APPEARING BODY OF SINGERS. IT WAS SUFFICIENTLY ARTISTIC, WHILE THE SPIRITUALITY AND THE HEARTINESS THROWN INTO THE SENTIMENT OF THEIR SONGS WAS SUCH AS TO PRODUCE A GRAND RELIGIOUS IMPRESSION. NOW, AS I LEAVE HERE IN THE MORNING, IN LIFE’S JOURNEY, IT MAY BE NEVER TO RETURN, I WANT TO SAY, ‘GOD BLESS THE PREACHER! GOD BLESS THE CHOIR OF OSAGE CITY FOR THE SWEET IMPRESSIONS MADE ON MY OWN HEART THIS DAY, THAT SHALL BE HELD IN MEMORY OF THE FUTURE’!” (2) The year of 1882 with a slowdown in mining activities and bank failure caused the rapidly growing congregation concern, but they managed to purchase a small organ for the church and a fine $300 metal bell for the church tower. An exuberant report published that year states that a crowd of 600 attended evening services while “hundreds” were turned away for lack of seating space. (2) Rev. W. A. Boucher was appointed pastor in 1883. (1) In 1884 the Rev. W. A. Crawford was pastor until he was appointed Chaplain of the Kansas Penitentiary at Leavenworth. The Rev. N. D. Peddyford of Indiana was sent as supply pastor. Rev. O. J. Cowels was the presiding Elder. (1) In March 1885 Rev. J. C. Kirkman was appointed. The latter part of that year E. T. Holland was appointed here as a supply pastor, this being on the account of ill health of Rev. J. C. Kirkman. (1) In 1886 the Rev. W. A. Quayle was appointed pastor (he later was at Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas. (He helped to collect the famous Quayle Bible Collection). And the Rev. S. E. Pendelton was presiding Elder. (1) FROM THE LOCAL PAPER ON THE FIRST SERMON OF REV. QUAYLE IN OSAGE CITY, “THE SINNERS OF OSAGE CITY, IRRESPECTIVE OF RANK OR STATION, CHIPPED IN AND MADE BRO. QUAYLE A PRESENT OF A COMPLETE OUTFIT, FROM THE CROWN OF HIS HEAD TO THE SOLES OF HIS FEET. AN ELEGANT PRINCE ALBERT SUIT, MADE BY THE TWO BENS THAT FITS LIKE A TOP; A SLICK HAT, AND A PAIR OF SOLID LEATHER SHOES, CONSTITUTED THE RIGGING. NOT TO BE OUTDONE BY THE RUGGED BROTHERS, THE LADIES CHIPPED IN OUT OF THEIR PIN MONEY, AN PRESENTED MRS. QUAYLE WITH A BAG OF SILVER AMOUNTING TO DOLLARS AND DOLLARS. BRO. QUAYLE LOOKS AWFULLY SWEET IN HIS NEW CLOTHES, AND HE FEELS VERY PROUD OF THIS TOKEN OF FRIENDSHIP, AND VERY GRATEFUL TO HIS FRIENDS WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES IN THIS SUBSTANTIAL AND PRACTICABLE MANNER. MRS. QUAYLE’S GOOD LOOKS COULD NOT BE IMPROVED, THE WOMEN KNEW THAT, SO THEY GAVE HER THE LUCRE, AND TOLD HER TO DO AS SHE PLEASED WITH IT. OF COURSE, THEY ARE BOTH HAPPY, BUT AFTER ALL, THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE TIMELY AND WELL-DESERVED PRESENTS ARE A GREAT DEAL HAPPIER. IT WOULD BE HARDLY FAIR NOT TO SAY THAT BRO. R. L. BEATY WAS THE ORIGINATOR OF THE PART OF THIS PRETTY SCHEME WHICH FITS BRO. QUAYLE SO NEATLY, AND IS ENTITLED TO HEAD THE PROCESSION.(8) In 1888 Rev. W. R. Davis was appointed pastor and was followed by Rev. H. Richie to fill the rest of the year. (1) 1889 a Rev. E. M. Randall was appointed pastor. (1) In 1892 Rev. J. G. Henderson was appointed pastor and Rev. L. K. Billingsby was Bishop. (1) In 1894 Rev. J. T. Mayor was appointed pastor, and Rev. J. R. Radison was Bishop. (1) 1899 Rev G. W. Braden was pastor. (1) In 1901 by E. H. Parkinson was appointed Pastor. (1) Rev. Da. Schutt appointed in 1902. (1) Rev. H. H. Weynant 1905. (1) In 1909 C.H. Curtis took charge as Sunday School Superintendent for sixteen years. Total enrollment at the end of the first quarter in 1923 was 415. Rev. O. K. Hobson 1916. (1) It was in 1915, May 16th that they started to worship in the school auditorium while the old building was torn down, and the present main part was being built, which was dedicated June 10, 1917. Bishop William O. Sheppard dedicating it. This building cost $25,000. (1) The bricks from the old church were crushed and incorporated in the mortar of the new church; this produced the rather unique red shade of mortar in the present structure. (2) Rev. C. C. Clampert was appointed pastor followed by Rev. L. Frank Waring in 1918. (1) In 1921 Rev. Townsend A. Nichold was appointed pastor. (1) Rev. Townsend A. Nichols who died August 2, at his home in Emporia, Kans., was born in Macon county, Ill., Feb. 16, 1869, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Nichols. He came with his parents to Kansas as a small child, grew up near Dunlap. September 18, 1894, he married Charity Alice KIDD, who, with four sons, survives him. The sons are Charles, Arville, Everett and James. While attending Baker University he accepted the call to the ministry and served 41 years in the former South Kansas and Kansas conferences. His appointments included, among others, Howard, Erie, Oskaloosa (1916-1920), Osage City, Herington, Wellsville, Bonner Springs, Horton, and Eskridge. After his retirement in 1936, he and his wife located at Oskaloosa, purchasing a home here. During the year 1938-39 he supplied McLouth Methodist church and helped plan the construction of a new edifice following destruction of the old church by fire. The following year Mr. and Mrs. Nichols removed to Emporia. He was loved by children and respected by young people wherever he was pastor and often he heard from their own lips that he had helped them in their Christian faith. His greatest joy was in helping others in their sorrows and sufferings and problems of living, and it was a matter of regret in his declining years that he must lay down his beloved work at a time when it was so badly needed on every hand. But his fundamental cheerfulness remained triumphant to the last. (4) Rev. E. C. Dunn in 1924. (1) In 1927 Rev. John W. Scott was pastor. (1) Rev. A. H. Tebbin came in 1929 (he was instrumental in the organizing of the Boy Scouts here). (1) Rev. O. W. Zedlier came in 1932. (1) Rev. Drew R. Hammond in 1936. (1) 8 Nov. 1936 the church celebrated the 66th anniversary of the founding of the Methodist Church in Osage City. (3) Rev Earl O. Harbour in 1938. (1) In 1943 Rev. Walter R. Clover. (1) In 1943 the Rev. Earl O. Harbour gave the lighted cross to the church as a farewell gift. The Pulpit Bible was given in memory of Edwin V. Klingbert. Miss Lillian Hunsicker presented the collection plates in honor of her parents. (1) Rev. Arthur L. Hardy was appointed in 1946. This was the year the new Hammond Electric Organ was dedicated. (1) To honor the veterans of both wars and in memory of all whose loyalty to and service for the church had made the present building possible. (2) In 1950 Rev. Arthur Braddan Cool. (1) Rev. Paul A. Davis came in 1956. (1) On September 13, 1964, the consecration service for the new educational building was held. This, the largest construction project by the local church was completed at a cost of $75,000 and is being formally dedicated September 27, 1970. (2) Rev. John Campbell in 1967. (1) On April 23, 1968, The United Methodist Church was created when Bishop Reuben H. Mueller, representing The Evangelical United Brethren Church, and Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke of The Methodist Church joined hands at the constituting General Conference in Dallas, Texas. With the words, “Lord of the Church, we are united in Thee, in Thy Church and now in The United Methodist Church. Thus our name changed to the First United Methodist Church, Osage City, Kans. Rev. L.R Kurth appointed 1969.(6) Rev. Kurth retired in 1984.(5) Rev. Gilbert Peters appointed 1972. (6) Rev. Peters passed away 10/27/2011. (5) Rev. James E. Darby appointed Sept. 1976. (6) Rev. David H. Weible appointed June 1981. (6) Rev. David E. Watson appointed June 1988. (6) Rev. George & Marlene Wine Chase appointed June 1990. (6) Rev. James R. Stigall June 1992. (6) The Rev. Wm. A. Quayle who served here as minister in his first charge also at the close of his ministry came here to preach his last sermon. Rev. Quayle was a teacher of Latin and Greek at the Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas. He served as President, teacher and was also for awhile Bishop in this District. (1) Rev. Francis Stockton appointed 2002 (6) Completed rear sanctuary entryway, including enclosing steps, and lift and building a new ramp to the basement, paving the parking lot at a cost of. This addition was completed in 2008 and dedicated 15 Feb 2009, In 2008 a new metal roof installed on sanctuary, donation by Donna Kahle in memory of her husband, Gale Kahle. Rev. Jan Justice appointed 2009. (5) Rev. Alice Purvis appointed 2010. (5) New Praise Band formed named Morning Praise/Morning Thunder formed in 2010. Original members: Tricia Gundy, Rev. Alice Purvis, dee storrer, Alice Roberson, Kayla Oelschlager, Dalton Swindale, Kaitlin Swindale and Jim Woods. (1) HISTORY OF OSAGE CITY AND OSAGE COUNTY BY O. A. COPPLE, ASSISTED BY JOYCE M. HITCHINGS (2) ONE HUNDRED YEARS IN OSAGE CITY, BY MRS. JACK FRENCH (3) OSAGE CITY METHODIST CHURCH 66 YEARS OLD (4) The Oskaloosa Independent, Thursday, August 17, 1944 (5) The Kansas East Conference of the UMC website (6) Official Church Record Book 1 (7) Osage City Free Press, 15 July 1880 (8) William Alfred Quayle, THE SKYLARK OF METHODISM, M.S. Rice, Abingdon Press, New York, Cincinnati. 1928 TO DO Cost of rear entrance? How did we dedicate and still owe money? Ask if historical records are stored anywhere? Talk with church historian Include info on Black Methodist church in Osage? Info on Lord St. parsonage Remodel of sanctuary from center aisles to one Remodel of platform and choir loft Donation of current organ Figure 1: First brick church 5 Figure 2: W.A. Quayle 7 Figure 3: Methodist Church around 1920 8 Figure 4: Honor roll 11 Figure 5: Church with education addition 12 Figure 6: Rev. James Stigall 13 Figure 7: Francis Stockton 14 Figure 8: new rear entry and roof 15 Figure 9: Jan Justice 15 Figure 10: Alice Purvis 16 Figure 11: Morning Praise/Morning Thunder 17

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