We’re Glad You’re Here! Thank you for your interest in our church community. Our hope is that you will experienced the grace and love of Jesus Christ as it has been revealed to you as you connect with us in worship and in other ministry areas.

Osage City UMC is a church home for many who have experienced and many who have yet to experience the love of God. We are all getting to know Jesus Christ and the lessons he has given us in the Word (the Bible) and through the presence of the Holy Spirit who guides us to fully live a life in Christ. The Holy Spirit helps us to grow in the fruits of the spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control and to grow in our relationships with one another and with God. Our hope is that as we share these fruits our relationship with God, and one another will help us to reach out to others and bring healing to the world.

I invite you to get to know us through your participation in one of the many ministry opportunities we offer; Worship, Sunday School, United Methodist Women, Outreach, etc. We offer current information in the bulletin to help you learn about ways to connect, as well as on our Facebook page and this website.

Please know that I would be honored to hear your story and to get to know you as you explore the opportunities here at Osage City United Methodist Church.

I am not always at the church during business hours, so if you miss me there you can call my cell phone at 785-564-1977 to set up an appointment to visit. I’m excited to know God is at work in your life and hope we can grow together in community and faith.

God’s love and peace to you!
Rev. Libby Oberdorf.

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